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Ol’ MacDonald

Posted on December 8th, 2009 by superadmin

Old McDonald sitting on a fence
picking his balls with a monkey wrench
he went to the doctor and the doctor said
oh my gosh your balls are dead

2 Responses to "Ol’ MacDonald"

  1. Ol Mc Donald sittin on a bench,
    beatin his meat with a monkey wrench,
    missed the meat and hit his balls,
    he pissed all over his overalls.

  2. From Jared:
    Old mcdonald sitting on the bench
    Beating his meat with a monkey wrench
    missed his meat and hit his balls
    Pissed all over his overalls
    Went down to the lake to wash them off
    The damn bass bit them off
    Went to the doctor and the doctor said
    Sorry sir but your balls are dead

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