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Woke Up This Mornin’

Posted on January 7th, 2015 by superadmin

CapnPseudo says, “I learned this from my father when I was a kid, and apparently it was something kids sang in his elementary sometime in the early 70’s.”

When I woke up this mornin’,
I looked upon the wall,
the boogies and the bedbugs
were playing a game of ball.

The score was 6 to nothing,
The boogies were ahead,
The bedbugs knocked a homer
and knocked me out of bed

When I woke up this mornin’,
the coffe was so stale,
It tasted like tobac-y juice
‘right outta the garbage pale.

The Indian rubber beefsteak,
The insulated cheese,
the weenies took a flip-flop
and landed in the peas.

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  1. Country comedian Junior Samples performed this on Hee Haw in the ’70s. It’s available on one of his comedy CDs.

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