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Dirty school yard rhymes – a history


Miss Mary had a nearly dirty rhyme

Posted on December 8th, 2009 by superadmin

Miss Mary had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell;
Miss Mary went to Heaven, the steamboat went to…
Hello operator, just give me number nine;
And if you disconnect me, I’ll chop off your…
Behind the ‘frigerator, there was a pice of glass.
Miss Mary sat upon it and cut her little… Ask me no more questions, I’ll tell you no more lies:
The boys are in the bathroom, pulling down their…
Flies are in the kitchen, bees are in the park,
Miss Mary and the principal are kissing in the…
D-A-R-K, D-A-R-K, dark, dark, dark!
-B. Punzlif, Florida

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