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Pranks for kids

Posted on December 8th, 2009 by superadmin

Oh yeah…a cool trick to play on kids…
Q: What were you eating under there?
A: Huh? Under where?
Q: HAH-HAAAAH! You were eating underwear!!

ok one more…

Tell the kid, “When I say ‘I’m a gold lock’, you say ‘I’m a gold key’, and when I say ‘I’m a silver lock’ you say ‘I’m a silver key’, and so on. Got it?”

The kid says “Yes”.

You: “I’m a gold lock.”
Kid: “I’m a gold key.”
You: “I’m a silver lock.”
Kid: “I’m a silver key.”
You: “I’m a brass lock.”
Kid: “I’m a brass key.”
You: “I’m a mung lock.”
Kid: “I’m a monkey.”
(can be done with “Dong lock” as well)

-Matt Rosemier from Edible Dirt

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