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On top of old smokey

Posted on January 7th, 2010 by superadmin

On top of old smokey
all covered in blood
I shot I shot my poor teacher
with a 44 stud.

I went to her funeral
I went to her grave,
some people thew flowers
I threw hand granades.

She got up and chased
me so I cut off her head.
It rolled down the drive way
and into the street
and now all the cats
have something to eat.

-Marj Mears, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Circa Early ’90s

2 Responses to "On top of old smokey"

  1. On top of old smokey
    All covered in sand
    I shot my poor teacher
    With a big rubber band

    I shot her with pleasure
    I shot her with pride
    I just couldn’t miss her
    She was forty foot wide

    I went to her funeral
    Looked down at her grave
    Some people threw flowers
    I threw a grenade

    The coffin went up
    The coffin went down
    The coffin went splatter
    All over the town

    There are many verses after this, but I can’t remember them. Needless to say they were all about repeatedly killing this teacher. This was learnt in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia in 1992.

  2. Wtf is a .44stud? …it’s slug.

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