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Dirty school yard rhymes – a history



Posted on January 23rd, 2010 by superadmin

Don’t say “ain’t”.
Your mother will faint.
Your father will fall in a bucket of paint.
Your sister will cry.
Your brother will die.
And grandma won’t bake an apple pie.

We said this in elementary school in Spokane, Washington back in the 70’s – Leann, Washington:

3 Responses to "Ain’t"

  1. I don’t drink “Shut up”,
    I drink 7-up,
    And when I look at you,
    I throw up…
    And then your mama has to clean it up.

  2. Miss Mary had a steamboat,
    The steamboat had a bell.
    Miss Mary went to Heaven,
    The steamboat went to
    HELL-o, Operator, get me #9,
    And if you disconnect me,
    I’ll kick you in the
    BEHIND the refrigerator,
    There lay a piece of glass.
    And if you sit upon it,
    You will cut your
    ASS-k me no more questions,
    I’ll tell you no more lies.
    The boys are in the bathroom,
    Zipping up their
    FLIES are in the kitchen,
    The bees are in the park.
    The boys and girls are kissing
    in the D-A-R-K – DARK!

  3. Diarrhea (ppptthh, ppptthh)
    Rollin’ down the gutter
    On a piece of bread and butter
    Diarrhea (ppptthh, ppptthh)
    Some people think it’s funny
    But it’s really brown and runny
    Diarrhea (ppptthh, ppptthh)
    When you’re sliding into first
    And you’re just about to burst
    Diarrhea (ppptthh, ppptthh)
    When you’re sliding into home
    And your pants are full of foam
    Diarrhea (ppptthh, ppptthh)

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