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Man from Nantucket

Posted on January 29th, 2010 by superadmin

there once was a man from nantucket,
his dick was so long he could suck it,
he said with a grin while scratching his chin,
if my ear was a cunt I could fuck it.
-Zach Finch

4 Responses to "Man from Nantucket"

  1. There once was a girl from New Zealand whom had a particular feeling
    so she laid on her back, tickled her crack and pissed all over the ceilingd

  2. There was an old Lady from York,
    Who loved to eat shit with a fork.
    Her son cried “YOU GOON! YOU EAT SHIT WITH A SPOON, It’s PORK that you eat with a Fork”

  3. Heard in 1975, Jersey Shore My Dad said this one-
    these political Fools make me sick!
    With their rhetoric,lies and their tricks!
    But my troubles are solved, and problems resolved-
    By banging the wall with my dick

  4. There once was a woman in Knox,
    Who lit dynamite off in “her Box”
    When asked the sensation?
    She screamed with elation,

    “It’s better than elephant cocks!”

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