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granny and grampy get in on the action

Posted on December 8th, 2009 by superadmin

From my Grandparents on my Mom’s side…

From “Grampy” Martin:

The fly flew into the grocery store
singing doe-si-doe-si-doe
he flew right through the open door
singing doe-si-doe-si-doe
well he shit on the sugar and he shit on the ham
and he shit all over that grocery man
And then the fly flew out of the grocerey store
singing doe-si-doe-si-doe

Not to be outdone, when my Grandmother heard him singing that song to me, she told me a little rhyme of her own.

From “Granny” Martin:

Mrs. Nichols bought some pickles
on a windy day
but Annie Martin came a fartin’
and blew them all away

Two things about my Grandmother’s poem really impressed me (I was like 8 at the time)

* My Grandmother wasn’t someone that you would expect to know a dirty rhyme, let alone tell one to a kid, and…
* Her name was Anne, or “Annie” if you will. I always wondered about where that rhyme came from.

-Matt Rosemier from Edible Dirt

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  1. Hello, I am looking for the song, The Fly Flew Into The Grocery Store singing
    doe-si-doe-si-doe. Can you tell me where I could get this song.

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