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Down by the Station

Posted on December 22nd, 2009 by superadmin

Down by the station Where no one goes
Sat (girl’s name) without any clothes
Along came (boy’s name) swinging his chain
Down went his pants and out it came
3 months later all was well
6 months later it started to swell
9 months later out it came
A little baby (boy’s name) swinging his chain
-Tom, Deerfield, Illinois

One Response to "Down by the Station"

  1. Over the hill came big-balled Pete,
    With ninety pounds of swingin’ meat.

    He laid down Sally in the big tall grass,
    He shoved his meat right up her ass.

    Sally cut loose with a mean old fart,
    And blew his balls nine miles apart.

    Now over the hill comes big-balled Pete,
    With ninety pounds of shredded meat.

    Batavia, IL 1990

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