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The Old Grey Mare

Posted on January 17th, 2010 by superadmin

Ohhhhhhh…the old grey mare she [fart sound] on the wiffle-tree
[fart sound] on the wiffle-tree, [fart sound] on the wiffle tree
The old grey mare she [fart sound] on the whiffle tree
Many long years ago.

(”Wiffle Tree” is a name for the part of the wagon that you hook the horses up to)
-Anon, Bellingham, WA

2 Responses to "The Old Grey Mare"

  1. Jean, Jean had a Machine…
    Joe, Joe made it go…
    Frank, Frank turned the crank…
    Art, Art let a fart and blew it all apart…

    taught by my aunt when i was 5-6 (app. 1985)

  2. My grandpa was unresponsive in the hospital, and several family members were in tears seeing him this way. So I said, “Jean Jean made a machine…” and he finished the verse. By the end everyone was laughing and crying, and he was able to talk with us!

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